Sets(very easy approach)

Hello Readers It is quite interesting to write about sets. I found that beginners face a lot of doubts to find out whether given collection of elements forms a set or not? To delete their doubts from memory, I have explained this concept with lots of examples.   SET: Set is a collection of well-defined … Continue reading Sets(very easy approach)

Order Axioms: Rational Number Vs Irrational number

A real number is rational iff its decimal representation is either terminating or re occuring. While a real number is called irrational if it is not a rational or its decimal representation is neither terminating non recurring. Mathematically, a real number x s.t. x=p/q (q is non zero and gcd(p,q)=1), and p,q both are integers,is … Continue reading Order Axioms: Rational Number Vs Irrational number

Axioms: (Algebraic Properties of real numbers)…..

Hello readersYou know what is axiom in mathematics?Generaly the question asked in interviews" what is the difference between Axiom and Theorem"?In mathematics or logical system, an initial statement that is assumed / accepted true without any contrary and used to derive other statements or to prove further theorems, is called  Axiom.In simple words, no one … Continue reading Axioms: (Algebraic Properties of real numbers)…..

Equations of Straight line in 3D

Just because we can’t find a solution, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one.— Andrew Wiles, English mathematician Today, you are going to learn how to write equations of straight line in 3D geometry.Think, if two planes intersect then what geometry we get?Yes it is straight line.Simply you can visualize it by taking example of coordinate … Continue reading Equations of Straight line in 3D

Multiple Integrals (Practice Questions)

Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers. Here are some problems on multiple Integrals for you. Try to solve them. 12 Discuss with others, take time and go through each question. You will definitely solve all the problems. Believe me. If you stuck somewhere then … Continue reading Multiple Integrals (Practice Questions)

Relation and Function (Practice Questions)

"Strive for progress, not perfection"With this thought, start solving the following questions on Relation and function as you have already enough interaction with function, domain and range etc, if not then first go through the following;