Types of functions and their computations

Hello readers Let's start to talk more about functions.... By this post, I will make you able to identify the function type and count them, but first you promise me that you know what is function very well, please refer previous post, https://namitatiwaridotorg.wordpress.com/2020/04/04/function-mapping/?preview=true In short, function (machine) outputs in one-one, onto, many one, and into … Continue reading Types of functions and their computations

Mathematics Books

Tutorials on Mathematics

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This time, I am here with links/pdf’s of good books and i am sure it is very helpful to the readers and specially for those who are preparing for Competitive exams like CSIR NET/SET/NBHM/TIFR/GATE etc . I think books are the best friends of learners.

So enjoy maths with the following e-books/pdf’s.

  1. John E. Freund’s Mathematical Statistics with Applications Irwin Miller Marylees Miller Eighth Edition
  2. Ponnusamy S., Silverman H (1). Complex variables with applications
  3. Gordon C. Everstine . Application of Linear Algebra
  4. Peeyush Chandra, A. K. Lal, V. Raghavendra, G. Santhanam ; Notes on Mathematics
  5. T. Muthukumar (IITK) ; Partial Differential Equation
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Enjoy downloading

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